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Steve Brown Darts Academy teams up with Elite Dart Players Association of America

PRESS RELEASE 24 February 2012
The Steve Brown Darts Academy teams up with US based, Elite Dart Players Association of America to bring new ideas to America’s youth.
I’m delighted to announce the SBDA’s partnership with the Elite Darts Association of America. Hopefully this will be the first of many international collaboration as we look to provide a universal ranking structure. Our grading system has proved a huge success in the UK, with the coloured graded shirts becoming a real symbol of achievement. Our passion has always been to bring darts into line with other sports such as golf and tennis, and establishing a solid universal programme is vital in helping the sport forward. Our move into America is the first of many steps we’re taking to build a world database where students can share their scores and compete against their peers from all over the world.
Now is the perfect time for the Steve Brown Darts Academy to expand. It was important to us that we were absolutely certain the model worked before we rolled more academies out across the UK. Since we opened our doors 18 months ago we have gained the endorsement of the PDC and secured a sponsorship deal with Dartscorner.co.uk and to both companies we are eternally grateful. Rileys dartszones have provided us with the perfect platform to grow whilst providing our students with the very best darts facilities in the UK. We now have over 100 members in the UK and continue to grow. We will be working closely with John Lewis of the Elite Darts Association of America to ensure the students in the USA have just as much fun as the students here.
Over the coming months our creative director Joe Harford and his team will be busy introducing many exciting development aids for our coaches and students. We will also be launching the first SBDA training app for iPhone/Android. The future at the SBDA is looking very bright indeed!
… Steve Brown

John Lewis, president of the Elite Dart Players Association of America (EDPAA)
The United States has seen a slide in involvement in the sport of darts over the past 10 years and we are seeing an increase in the average age of player, now approximately 42 years old. It is paramount for us to give back to our community and to our sport by engaging American youth in the same way the UK has with Steve’s academy. I am proud to be affiliated with this effort and to offer the Elite Dart Players Association of America as the conduit for more Academies to spring up around the country.

A word from Rod Harrington (sky Sports Pundit) (PDC Director)
On behalf of the PDC I am pleased to endorse the Steve Brown Darts Academy. The grading systems are a revolution in youth development. The PDC recognise the need for a quality youth structure and the SBDA will provide the perfect stepping stone onto the PDC Unicorn Youth Tour.

If you would like to know more about The Steve Brown Darts Academy contact amanda@sbda.tv


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President of the Elite Dart Players Association of America


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