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Results from the 1st leg of the Mid-Atlantic Pro Development Singles Tour

After tallying all the results from every game played at the Mid Atlantic 501 shoot, here are the final results and will be listed as follows: (Place finished, Name,”seed”, seeding average and post tournament average)

1st Place  Joseph Huffman (1) 72.48/77.69
2nd Place Scott Sampson (2) 65.93/68.93
T4  TJ Jackowski (3) 64.23/61.17
T4  Drew Clarke (5) 62.08/65.36
T8  B-Mac (9) 54.71/54.39
T8  Brad Miller (13) 50.68/51.67
T8  Robbie Tejchman (10) 54.36/55.75
T8  Freddie Pinotti (11) 52.93/52.51
T16 Jimmy Dillow (6) 61.99/61.21
T16 Brian Skapura (14) 49.78/50.64
T16 Scott Groves (4) 62.26/61.77
T16 Robert Vinson Jr. (7) 58.49/58.11
T16 Andy DeDad (12) 52.57/53.23
T16 John Sauers (15) 49.71/51.52
T16 John Lewis (8) 58.12/55.61
T16 James Leach (16) 48.06/48.68


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