The Elite Dart Players Association of America (EDPAA) established in 2009 is the only professional darts organization in North America. The EDPAA Advisory Board consists of volunteers, five Executives and 10 delegates.

We are an independent body formed by players of many darting associations and developed under the guidance and recommendations of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and the innovative efforts of our board

The EDPAA promotes and develops the professional sport of darts for all leagues to strive to play and provides a pathway for transitional players to move up in a world standing. The EDPAA ensures that access and equity is not denied on the basis of gender, age, disability, culture, background or location.

All US states / territories are covered by the Elite Dart Players Association of America. In 2011 there are over 200,000 registered players, 156 associations affiliated with the ADO. 32 States including all the branches of the military have teams affiliated with the ADA. The sport is played in over 3000 venues across North America.

The EDPAA provides structured competition and athlete pathways from league to elite level for all age groups including junior, youth and senior players.

The sport of darts is currently being used in some schools as an educational tool due to its mathematical benefits.

The sport of darts in America is in an exciting transition as more players are looking to compete at a higher level in our sport.

This is an exciting and challenging time for the Elite Dart Players Association of America (EDPAA), the Strategic Plan for 2012-2014 aims to develop a targeted and cohesive approach that will lead and guide the sport.

One of the challenges that we face is maintaining the foundation of our sport through player ambassadors, while we introduce new innovative ideas that stimulate the sport’s progress.

Increased participation within our sport allows us to continue with the successes achieved to date and to encourage a true sport for all and to give back to the sport through a healthier perception, mentorship and a mandate of exceptional sportsmanship.

The sport of darts in America has an important role to play and is embraced by participants from a wide variety of backgrounds in all communities. Our motto “It’s not just a game anymore!” should indicate a clear understanding for the vision of the sports entertainment product we are building and for all fans of the sport to support and assist the vision and growth.

We are excited and looking forward to the challenges the sport will face over the next four years and are confident we will meet and exceed the performance targets by 2014.


John “The Fisherman” Lewis




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