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    Revised August 5th, 2011

    Effective through December 31, 2012

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    1. Eligibility

    1.3   All players must sign and accept the EDP Players Contract and agree to abide by the Rules of the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA) before being allowed to participate in any EDP organized event.

    1.4   Any player who is not in good financial or disciplinary standing with their local or national organization; EDP, ADO, ADA, PDSL etc or with companies involved with the DRA, PDC or PDPA will not be allowed to participate in any event until such time as they are in good standing.

    2. Order of Merit

    2.1   The EDP operates various Orders of Merit, based on calculated 40 leg 3 dart average and special point system for regional Open single 501 event wins

    2.2   $1000 per ProTour event is reserved for a nine-dart finish. Should this not be won in a particular tournament, this prize fund would be carried over and advance by $500 again added to it until it is won (i.e. $1000 in event one, $1500 in event two, $2000 in event three, $2500 in event four etc). Once the prize fund has been won, it will revert to $1000 for the next ProTour event.

    Any Elite Player member who hits a nine-dart finish at a ProTour event shall be entitled to a share of the prize fund available for the feat at the start of that event.

    2.3   In the event of more than one player completing a nine-dart finish at any point during any event the prize fund will be divided pro rata based on the number of occasions on which the feat has been achieved.

    To clarify: if one player achieves the feat twice and another once, the player who has achieved it twice will be entitled to a two-third share of the prize fund, regardless of the stages of the tournament when he achieved the feat. This prize fund does not count towards any Order of Merit.

    2.5   All events will be scheduled and categorized at the discretion of the EDP Board of Directors, following consultation with the PDCNA, but with the final decision resting with the EDP Board of Directors.

    2.12  Invitations to and seedings for ranked events will be based on the relevant Orders of Merit at the closing date for entries for the tournament in question.

    2.13  Players will need to have participated in a minimum of six events over a rolling two-year period to be eligible to appear on the main Order of Merit and qualify for Premier Events during the qualifying year through the Order of Merit. Players will be removed from the Order of Merit in the event they fall beneath this threshold, but can be reinstated once they have reached the level again.

    3.         Invitations and Seedings

    3.1   Invitations, seedings and structures for the inaugural EDP Darts Madness Event in 2012 will be based on the Order of Merit and are played according to the following criteria:

    Published Bulls Eye News Order of Merit

    3.2   In the case of ties, the countback rule will apply; this will be the cumulative money won by a player in the previous four Order of Merit-eligible events. In cases where there is still a tie, this countback will continue one event at a time until there is a separation.

    This applies to all tournaments except the UK Open, where the countback rule refers only to Qualifying Tournaments, and the Players Championship Finals, where the countback rule only refers to the Players Championship Order of Merit.

    Where a player has qualified by virtue of the Players Championship Order of Merit or European Order of Merit, those Orders of Merit will be used to determine countback.

    In the event of two or more players not being separated by countback, a play-off will take place played under the format of the first round of the relevant tournament.

    3.3     Seedings for TV tournaments will be ordered as follows:

    TOP HALF:       1-(16)-8-(9)-5-(12)-4-(13)
    BOTTOM HALF:           2-(15)-7-(10)-6-(11)-3-(14)

    Seedings for Players Championship events and the World Championship are ordered as follows:

    TOP HALF: 1-32-16-17-8-25-9-24-5-28-12-21-4-29-13-20
    BOTTOM HALF: 2-31-15-18-7-26-10-23-6-27-11-22-3-30-14-19

    3.4   For EDP ranked events the seeding will be determined by the relevant Order of Merit at the time of the closing date for each particular tournament.

    3.5   Seedings for Players Championships will be determined on a one-year rolling basis from the Players Championship Order of Merit with 32 seeds per event (or as many as entries permit).

    3.6   In the event of a player not being able to participate in an event due to personal or disciplinary reasons, the next available non-qualified player from the Order of Merit through which the unavailable player qualified will be invited to participate in the event. In this instance, the players ranked below the unavailable player will all move up one place in the seedings, where appropriate.

    Players Championships held in Europe:       €110 + €15 Day Membership fee
    Players Championships held in America:      USA$140 + $15 Day Membership fee
    Players Championships held in Canada:      CAN$140 + $15 Day Membership fee
    Players Championships held in Australia:     AUS$100 + $15 Day Membership fee

    Players who qualify for any US Players Championship event through a qualifying tournament must pay the balance of the full entry fee before being permitted to take their place in the main draw.

    The EDP may, at its discretion, adjust non-member entry fees for tournaments based on currency fluctuations or if tournaments are staged in territories deemed to be ‘developing territories’.

    4.5     The closing date for entries for the main draw will be 2pm on the Monday the week before each tournament is due to be played (for the avoidance of doubt, this is 12 days before a Saturday event).

    The closing date for the qualifying tournament relating to each event will be 2pm on the Wednesday the week before each tournament is due to be played (for the avoidance of doubt, this is 10 days before a Saturday event).

    The PDC reserves the right to alter these times in the event of logistical issues. The list of entries for both the main draw and qualifying tournament will be published on elitedartplayers.com before each tournament.

    4.6     All EDP members must enter through the EDP’s online entry system. All non-EDP members must enter through the EDP’s local organizer with entry not accepted until payment is made.

    4.7     There shall be one qualifying tournament per weekend which will count for both days’ events and the number of places available will be a minimum of eight.

    If the number of entries for Saturday and Sunday tournaments is different over a weekend, the qualifying tournament shall be structured accordingly to produce the correct number of players to comprise 128 player draws.

    Qualifying tournaments will only take place if a minimum of 16 entrants are attained, with a maximum of 128 entrants permitted.

    In the event of fewer than 16 players entering a qualifying tournament for a Players Championship, no qualifying tournament will be held and qualifying tournament entrants will be given the option to pay the additional balance of full entry to join the main draw.

    The EDPAA may, at its discretion, alter the number of places available through qualifying tournaments with good reason.

    Qualifying tournaments will be the best of nine legs throughout unless prior agreement with the PDC is made and advertised. The minimum length of matches will be best of five legs.

    4.8     All ProTour main draw matches will be best of 11 legs throughout.

    4.9     For US Open Qualifying tournaments, the top 64 players from the Order of Merit who have entered the event are exempt until the last 128 stage. These 64 exemptions are not seeded players and will be drawn at random although they will not play each other at the last 128 stage.

    4.10    All ProTour tournaments will start at 12pm local time, with registration closing at 11am. Any player not registered by 11am will be omitted from the draw without exception.

    4.11    Draws for ProTour events will be conducted following the closure of registration on the day, with seedings adjusted accordingly in the event of an entered player who was due to be seeded not registering.

    4.12    All ProTour events will be held over one day. They will be played on 16 boards and will progress in a bracket format throughout.

    4.13    Players who wish to withdraw from a tournament they have entered must do so in writing prior to the closing date if they wish to apply for a refund of their entry fee, which will only be considered with the support of a doctor’s certificate or in the event of a serious family issue.

    4.14    Byes will be awarded in order of a player’s seeding. For example, if there is one bye, it will go to seed one; if there are two byes they will go to seeds one and two etc. In the event of a player failing to register in time, his place in the draw will be taken with a bye.

    4.15    All games are 501 up, straight start and finishing on a double. The player on the left of the draw will throw first for the bull to determine who throws first in the first leg. The throw will then be reversed and alternate thereafter. All darts will be removed before each player throws.

    4.16    Each ProTour event will operate on a “loser marks” basis and it is a condition of participation that the losing player of each match marks the following game, as directed by Tournament Officials. In genuine cases of disablement, a player may arrange for someone else to mark the next match on their behalf. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that someone replaces them and that this person can mark to a competent standard and is dressed as per the DRA rules.

    In either case, the marker must be in place immediately following the completion of the previous game.

    4.17    The first game on each board will be marked by the last player listed on the schedule of matches for that board.

    4.18    Players may be asked by Tournament Officials to move from the board to which they were originally allocated to another board. These requests must be adhered to immediately to help the smooth running of the tournament.

    5.        General

    5.1     Participation in all EDP events is subject to players adhering to the Darts Regulation Authority rulebook. Special attention is drawn to the rules referring to behavior and dress.

    5.2     The EDP reserves the right to remove any tournament from the calendar without prior notice but will endeavor not to add any tournament to the calendar without a minimum of three months notice.

    5.3     The EDP reserves the right to consult with the DRA to add or amend any or all of these rules at any time to meet any purpose deemed to be necessary at that time by the EDP’s Board of Directors.

    5.4     All match results and prize money awarded shall be recorded in all stages of all EDP tournaments and this information shall be published as soon as possible after a tournament has been concluded on USDartsTV.com.

    6.5     This document will remain in force until the completion of all 2013 events unless otherwise advised.



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